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Honest values and
quality experiences

Only those who live by a honest value system and create human values and the best experiences will get ahead. We at the World of Experience focus on these two areas. “Values & Experiences” In our community you will learn to find your own values and create better experiences than others!

— We focus on personality

Why You Should Join?

Because Experience Creation and Leadership is NOT about tooling like

Experience Creation and Leadership is about

— We are no AI - come together and learn together

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Join and collaborate in our digital World. Be active and enjoy if you have time for it. Only active people will get their value out of it. Are you a leader?


Knights School of Value and Experience

Join a community that values growth, camaraderie, and excellence. At the Knights School, we provide more than an education; we offer an immersive experience that shapes leaders. Discover your potential, forge lifelong connections, and embark on a journey towards success. Enlist now and become a Knight of community!

Pricing Plan


This is our free plan to get a taste of it. Because being there is everything.


Join the World of Experience and have the most out of it. Less invest for great value and extraordinary experiences. And you will get a stage!

Yearly €250

Business Partner

You will get all advantages and a red phone number for all issues you have. For all companies with a bigger design team, let’s discuss a full team membership.

Yearly €2900