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Knight's School of Value and Experience

Become an alumni of our special school where you learn the magic of human centred experience strategies

Summer 2025

Join us on 3 extraordinary learning days

Unlock the door to a transformative educational journey at the School of Value and Experiences!

Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment where knowledge meets real-world human experiences. Our innovative curriculum is designed to cultivate not just academic excellence but also a profound understanding of value creation and meaningful experiences. Join us to embark on a unique educational adventure that goes beyond traditional boundaries. Your future of purposeful learning begins here at the School of Value and Experiences.

Apply now and redefine your future company experience!

In essence, values and experiences are the cornerstones of a company’s identity, influencing its internal dynamics, external relationships, and overall impact on the world. Companies that prioritize these elements tend to create a more meaningful and enduring presence in the business landscape.

What you will learn

All about human centred strategies

Create an impactful strategy

Create extraordinary experiences

Create an added value for all touchpoints

Create your company story

Outside- in experience transformation

Internal experience Management

The magic of employees processes and freedom

Get a service mindset "Everyone is a guest"

Strategic Value Design

Your journey starts here

Apply for the school

until November 1st. 2024

If you were chosen to attend,

you will get a personal invitation

After payment you will get the secret date and place where we will meet for this extraordinary experience.  

Let the journey begin in Austria, Enjoy. Everything included from arrival to departure. (no hard drinks)

The learning experience will start,

which you never will forget

Hard facts

Only for 40 selected attendees

Cost: Around 2.500 Euro (includes Bus, Hotel, Location, Trainer, Material)

The event takes place in AUSTRIA

You will work in groups on your own projects

The experience never ends – You will part of the alumni club

Real knights and global leaders will be your teachers in creating the magic

You will get the accolade as “experience expert”

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